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For over 30 years, we at Masters Corporation have offered quality residences at reasonable prices to nationals from every country in the world. Masters Corporation is ideally situated in central Tokyo, Minato-ku, and we are proud of knowing practically every square inch of this richly endowed community. Whether your focus is on access, work, education, nature, fun, or all of the above, we at Masters will confidently provide you with your ideal choice.

Agent that supports looking for housing in Tokyo

Agent that supports looking for housing in Tokyo

Hi! I am Yumi Shindo of Masters.

It has been over 25 years since I started assisting ex-pats and people from overseas looking for rentals. At first, driving in Tokyo was scary for me, and I remember crying many times over not being able to locate the residence. ...

Video to look for housing

Video to look for housing
We provide you and other busy people with free video tours of available rental residences. Just tell us which ones you are interested in and we will put them up on our website for your viewing. Even for those rentals which are not on our website we will try to make available for you.

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Nakameguro HEIGHTS #1402
Fukasawa 7cho-me K House
Regno on the bay #2F